My name is Dijana Mujkanović. If you're wondering how my name is pronounced, check here

I was born in 1985 in Bosnia and Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia), but my family immigrated to the USA in 1999. Later I spent six years studying, working, and just living in Israel (and the UAE for a year), after which I came back to the USA to start my doctoral studies at the University of Pittsburgh in 2017. 

Aside from research and teaching, which I love dearly, I am also an amateur birdwatcher and nature enthusiast. This personal blog draws upon my personal and professional experience and serves as a repository of things that play a significant role in my life.

Some time ago, crocheting became an important part of my life. Commonly referred to as stitching, crocheting came to me in a time when I was in desparate need of clarity and peace. Today I view many things through stitching metaphors. I decided to call my website Stitched because it represents a set of features in my life that, stitched together, make me rather content. I hope you too find some joy in it.